From "Conversations at Hickerson House" For the past four years I’ve been part of a collaborative research project, supported by the National Science Foundation, that’s looking at chokepoints around the world. So, what’s a chokepoint you might ask? Well, a chokepoint is a site that constricts or chokes the flow of say – information, bodies,… Continue reading Chokepoints

Quinine’s Remains: An Alkaloid Anthropology

Cinchona: The Fabled "Fever Tree" My new book project chronicles the lives—and afterlives—of an alkaloid that changed the world. Quinine is primarily known (and consumed) as the signature ingredient of tonic water, but historically this alkaloid served a more profound function. For centuries, it was the only known remedy for malaria. Extracted from the bark… Continue reading Quinine’s Remains: An Alkaloid Anthropology