Working with students, I try to teach anthropology as a means to knowledge of the world and critically-aware living within it. Whenever possible, my classes incorporate student ethnography into their design so as to give students the chance to ‘do’ anthropology and gain first-hand knowledge of our subject matters and craft. I offer courses on general topics within the discipline, as well as more specialized courses pertaining to my research interests. I serve as our department’s Undergraduate Career Advisor and the faculty advisor to our Society of Undergraduate Anthropologists. I am also centrally involved in our graduate program. I am currently (though selectively) accepting graduate students whose interests productively dovetail with my own. I am particularly interested in working with students from the Global South.


  • ANTH 63-001: The Lives of Others: Exploring Ethnography (first year seminar)
  • ANTH 142: Local Cultures/Global Forces (large lecture; 180 students)
  • ANTH 259 “Culture and Identity”. Anthropology, UNC-CH (Fall) Enrollment 30
  • ANTH 461: Colonialism & Postcolonialism (medium size class; 36 students)
  • ANTH 499 “Community in India and South Asia” (medium size class; 36 students)
  • ANTH 691H: Honors Thesis Project Seminar (for senior honors thesis writers)
  • ANTH 701-001: Sociocultural Theory and Ethnography (graduate proseminar)
  • ANTH 898: State. Power. Politics (graduate seminar)